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Company registration in Luxembourg

Opening a company in Luxembourg is a great business decision because it is one of the largest centers for investment, funding, and personal banking in the world. The jurisdiction is extremely loyal to foreign investors and offers them attractive business conditions; the decent level of confidentiality can also be considered an advantage of registering a company in Luxembourg.

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Our company has many years of experience in registering a company in Luxembourg. We provide advice, help with collecting the necessary documents, and we undertake all obligations for your business. 

Private Limited Liability Company (SARL)

Private Limited Liability Company is the most common legal form in Luxembourg. It is suitable for almost all commercial needs.

Public Limited Company (SA)

Public Limited Company has a very similar structure as a Limited Liability company. Joint Stock Companies' stocks(shares) may be the subject of public trade. SA shares of the stock can be bought and sold by shareholders.

Simplified Limited Liability Company (SARL-S)​

Simplified Limited Liability Company is a similar company structure to Private Limited Liability Company, but with fewer requirements.

Holding company

Holding Company is registered to hold the outstanding stock of other businesses. The purpose of this type of company is to own shares of other companies to form a corporate group.

Branch office

The purpose of the branch office is to satisfy customer needs for face-to-face interaction. The Branch office can consist of a single individual or It can be staffed.


If you need other corporate solutions, feel free to contact us and we will gladly help you to accomplish your goals in Luxembourg jurisdiction.

Company registration procedure

Company registration process divided into 9 stages:

Stage 1

Prepare articles of association, founding act, and founding agreement;

Stage 2

Reserve a temporary company name (if you don’t have one);

Stage 3

Obtain an accumulative bank account;

Stage 4

Transfer share capital to the company’s accumulative account;

Stage 5

Notarize the founding documents at any registered notary’s office;

Stage 6

Register your company in the Register of Legal Entities;

Stage 7

Convert your company’s accumulative bank account into a settlement account;

Stage 8

Obtain a confirmed electronic signature.

Stage 9

Last stage – run a business.


The state is trying to attract non-residents with tax incentives and a stable economy. Luxembourg is very loyal to foreign businesspersons. Luxembourg does not have special regulations for foreigners.

Legal address​

Every company in Luxembourg requires a legal address. The legal address where your business correspondence is sent, and it is also considered that the board of the given company is located at this address, documents are stored, and the company is managed.

Bank account

The client must provide all identification information (a copy of the passport, a notary certified utility bill, a signed detailed resume, a bank reference letter confirming the client's good relationship with the bank, and a police clearance certificate. However, this list may be inconclusive and requirements may be changed.

Legal name​

The company name must be unique. There are no specific requirements for a name, other than that the end of the company’s name must be the following words: limited (ltd.), Corporation (corp.), or incorporated (inc).

We have many years of experience and the necessary knowledge to register a company in Luxembourg and provide a solution for your business. Our lawyers, accountants, and business consultants will help you with the process of registering a company in Luxembourg and with the further conduct of your business.


Companies registered in Luxembourg must keep copies of all financial documents. A bank statement is provided annually, which is checked by the auditor and approved at the meeting of shareholders. The offshore company is obliged to transfer 5% of the profits to the reserve fund in Luxembourg. We will take care of all the paperwork, Lux legal has an accountant with huge work experience.

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